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Only those students graduating from a Grays Harbor high school. an adult, or student returning to college must currently reside (home address) in Grays Harbor although they may be attending college elsewhere.

Scholarships can be asked for and awarded only 2 times. 

No; the student must reapply

Available and due dates are listed under each scholarship type.  Typically, high school students in April of each year, returning to college students in April of each year. 

All High school counselor’s office, the Foundation office or upon request may be e-mailed. They are NOT found on-line.

Our Email address is

Yes, if they are living in Grays Harbor

No, they may not. They must be used the year they are awarded. A student may decline a scholarship and then reapply two more times.

Yes, but their primary address must be in Grays Harbor.


Awards vary according to whether a student is attending a vocational school, a 2 or 4 year college and are not the same from year to year but generally range from $1000 to $2,500.

We usually begin dispersing funds in July upon verification from the school that the student in enrolled for the upcoming quarter/semester. 

The Foundation requires verification of student enrollment before dispersing the funds and all funds must be dispersed by October 31st or the student will lose their scholarship.

No.  All funds are sent directly to the college, university or vocational school.  No funds are sent to the student.

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